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MLT-Diode Laser targets veterinary applications

Horiba Medical has added MLT-Diode Laser systems, which are specifically designed for veterinary medicine, to its portfolio of animal healthcare products.

Supported with a range of accessories, the MLT-Diode Lasers are versatile and can be used in a variety of veterinary applications, including surgery, endoscopy, dentistry and irradiation.

The two models - the MLT-Diode Laser Class and Premium - both feature easy-to-use touch-screen controls and are adaptable to each user's individual preferences.

Designed with small animal practices in mind, the Classic has a performance output of 8W, while the Premium model is ideal for equine medicine with an output of 15W.

For ease-of-use, the system is mounted on a mobile cart with a protection case, allowing the whole system to be moved between treatment rooms and enabling near-patient application.

During surgery, the MLT-Diode Laser can be used to cut tissues like a scalpel with the diameter of the optical fibres determining how fine the incision will be.

The high temperatures involved - up to 300C - cause the cells of the treated tissues to vaporise and the surrounding blood vessels to coagulate, minimising bleeding and preventing haemorrhage.

The MLT-Diode Laser also kills up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses, reducing surgical site infections and promoting faster wound healing. The optical fibre of the MLT-Diode Laser can be run through the working channel of an endoscope.

The laser beam is conducted through a thin and flexible optical fibre from the diode to the fibre tip where it exits. This makes visual monitoring of endoscopic laser application possible.

The slim surgical hand piece makes the MLT-Diode Laser an ideal tool for dental and oral cavity surgery, including oncology applications, sterilisation of tooth roots, and removal, sterilisation and treatment of periodontal tissue.

With output levels as high as 5W and a special defocusing hand piece, the MLT-Diode Laser can be used for laser irradiation applications, such as impaired wound healing and diseases of the locomotive system.

The MLT-Diode Laser uses a wavelength of 980nm for optimum irradiation results, providing shorter irradiation times and longer intervals between treatments.

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