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High Power Diode Lasers

High Brightness Diode Lasers from Modulight
High power diode lasers from Modulight for medical, communications, industrial and defence & security applications in the 630 – 1650nm spectral range. Lasers are offered in various states of integration, from chips and unmounted bars, through mounted and sealed lasers to fibre coupled lasers and complete turn-key lasers systems.

The Modulight Family of High Brightness Diode Lasers

The Modulight Product Family

The Modulight family of high power diode lasers spans the range from 630 to 1650nm and are offered in various states of integration, from chips and unmounted bars, through mounted and sealed lasers to fibre coupled lasers and complete turn-key lasers systems.
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High Brightness Diode Lasers for Medical Applications

Solutions for Medical Applications

From surgery to non-invasive therapeutic procedures, lasers are being increasingly deployed in medicine. Semiconductor diode lasers are wavelength versatile and offer a high level of customisation of output power and beam delivery, properties which render them highly suitable for diverse applications including the treatment of varicose veins, dentistry and cosmetic procedures.
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High Brightness Diode Lasers for Communications

Solutions for Communications

Optical communications have been one of the driving forces behind the development of diode lasers. Today, diode lasers are the key component of any broadband communication network. They are deployed as high speed transmitters in digital and analogue fibre optic networks, to pump lasers in Erbium doped amplifiers (EDFAs), or as high power pulsed lasers in test and measurement.
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High Brightness Diode Lasers for Industrial Applications

Solutions for Industrial Applications

High power diode lasers are at the heart of almost all solid state and fibre laser systems used for materials processing. For many other industrial applications in printing, scanning and marking, high power diode lasers are becoming more competitive for direct use. All these applications are benefitting from ever higher diode laser power, brightness and reliability.
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High Brightness Diode Lasers for Defence & Security

Solutions for Defence & Security

Lasers and laser technology are widely used in perimeter security, range finding, target designation, monitoring of hazardous gases and for illumination. Having to pass the critical qualification required for deployment in defence applications has meant that diode lasers have been pushed to become one of the most reliable photonics technologies available today.
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Spectral and power coverage of Modulight's lasers
Modulight provides laser solutions from design and manufacturing of laser diodes to OEM-based optical sub-systems and turnkey laser systems.
Modulight product families combine various types of lasers, from visible to infrared wavelengths, with output power levels from milliwats to over hundreds of watts.
ChiliLase family comprises red lasers with wavelengths between 630 and 690 nm. These products are the result of a major development effort, combining state-of-the-art semiconductor technology with innovative packaging solutions. They target mainly applications requiring high visible optical power, such as medical, display and illumination.
LumiLase and StarLase product families consist of lasers in the range of 700-895 nm and 900-980nm, respectively. Applications directly benefiting from these include: solid-state and fiber laser pumping, printing, illumination, and range finding. LumiLase products are based on Modulight's proprietary Al-free high-power laser technology proven reliable in a number of industrial applications.
RangerLase products encompass lasers operating in 1310-1550 nm band and capitalizes on Modulight's years of expertise in development and volume production of infrared lasers. RangerLase family targets applications in need of medium or high-power infrared beams, such as point-to-point communications, laser range finding, illumination, and surgery. Lower power versions of these lasers are used in communications.

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